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Redirecting HTTP Request to SSL Request in Exchange Server 2007

When you enabled SSL on our Client Access Server, your phone is glowing with calls from frustrated users who can no longer access their mailboxes through Outlook Web Access. What do you do? So that the end users are accessing their Outlook Web Access without any problems. For example, the user can type simply: rather than

1. Open Internet Information Services(IIS) Manager.

2. Right-click Web Sites and then select >New >Web Site…

3. Click Next

4. On the Web Site Description page, type

5. On the IP Address and Port Settings page, type

6. At the Web Site Home Directory page, type C:\Inetpub\wwwroot

7. Click Next> Next >

8. Finish.

9. Right-Click the site you just created, and then click Properties.

10. Click the Home Directory tab and select A redirection to a URL, and then type

11. Click Apply and OK.

12. We can now type in a Web browser and automatically be redirected to


In this article, I showed you Redirecting HTTP request to SSL request in Exchange Server 2007. And this also works in Exchange Server 2003.For this you have to simply change to /owa to /exchange.



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