Installing ISA Server 2006 (Tips and Best Practices Before and After Installation)

Most People Install ISA Server 2006 firewall with default configuration only and they get problem after few days. And they said that ISA Server 2006 is not perfect firewall. But it’s not true. You have to follow some steps while installing ISA Server 2006.

1. Before Installation of ISA Server 2006 you must have Windows Server 2003 with SP1

2. Never connect the External Network (Internet) while you are installing ISA Server.

3. Always Install the ISA Server 2006 in workgroup if ISA Server is directly connected to Internet.

4. Configuring Network connection settings:

  • Rename the Network Interface and place the Internal Interface on top of the network interface order
  • Never put default gateway except External Interface even ISA Server has more than two Network Interfaces.

5. Secure the Network Interfaces:

  • Secure the External Network Interface
    • Disable File and Printer sharing for Microsoft Networks and Clients for Microsoft Networks
    • Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP
    • Disable LMHOSTS lookup
    • Disable automatic DNS name registration
  • Secure the Internal Network Interface
    • Disable components if not required

Note: Configure same as Internal Network Interface because you are using ISA Server as a Firewall

6. After successful installation of ISA Sever 2006, then install ISA Server 2006 SP1 and restart ISA Server

7. Then install and configure Security Configuration Wizard (SCW) and select required services only

8. Edit the System Policy Setting and disable the unused services.

9. Never used ISA Server 2006 as a web browser.

10. Always use Publishing Rule for Inbound Access to Internal Resources.


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In this article, I showed you Installation tips and best practices so that you should not get any problems after the ISA Server Installation near future.




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