Publishing Web Site with specific URL and blocked with IP Address and others

Today’s network, traditional Web Publishing All Traffic using TCP port 80 sent to Web Server is not enough to protect our Web Server. So we have to use Application layer firewall for this. ISA Server is the perfect solution for this; so that External and Internal users can access the web site with specific URL define by the ISA Firewall Admin. Any unnecessary traffic sent to your Web Server will dropped at firewall because they do not match the domain name you have defined as in figure.

To create a Web publishing rule, complete the following procedure:

1. In the ISA Server Management console, click Firewall Policy, and on the Tasks tab, click Publish Web Sites.

2. On the Welcome To The New Web Publishing Rule Wizard page, type the Web Publishing rule name( for examle, Publishing Nepalsharemarket Web Site )

3. On the Select A Rule Action Page, select Allow and click Next.

4. On the Publishing Type, select Publishing a single Web Sites or load balance and Click Next.

5. On the Server Connection Security, selcect Use non-secured connections to connect the published Web Server or server farm and Click Next.

6. On the Internal Publishing Details, type under Internal site name, and put tick mark on Use a computer name or IP addresses to connect to the published server and type IP Address of the Web Server that is going to be published by the firewall and Click Next.

7. On the Internal Publishing Details, under Path(optional), enter /* as shown in figure, so that the entire site will be published and select the Forward the original host header instead of the actual one specified in the Internal site name field on the previous page, and Click Next.

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8. On the Public Name Details page, select This domain name (type below) and then type the name that is going to be used by the Internet users in the text box, under Public name. Note: Ensure that the ISP DNS Server can resolve this name to the IP address of the External Interface of the ISA Server. To verify this, you can use nslookup and Click Next.

9. On the Web Listener page, select the Web listener and Click Next.

10. On the Authentication Delegation page, Click Next.

11. On the Users Sets page, accept the default of All Users and Click Next.

12. On the Completing the New Web Publishing Rule Wizard page, review the configuration settings and Click Finish.

13. At last, on the Firewall Policy page, select the Web Publishing Rule just we have created now, and click Properties and click Public Name Tab and Verify that we are published the web Site with specific URL.


In this article, I showed you Publishing Web Site with specific URL that you defined. I suggest you that never publish Web site using an IP address. If you enter and IP address in the Public Name tab of the Web Publishing Rule, then you potentially open your Web Sites up for worms and similar automated attacks. It’s because automated attacks and network worms exclusively use only IP addresses to connect to Web Sites.

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