Creating and Deploying Virtual Machines Using Templates

A typical use for templates is to set up a master image of a frequently deployed server operating system, for example Windows Server 2008 R2.The master image will include latest Windows Updates, Antivirus software with updates and Windows Operating components such as Desktop Experience and others. Using templates, you will be able to create new virtual machines with the operating […]

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Installing Integration Services in Hyper-V Virtual Machine 2012

After the virtual machine guest operating system configuration is complete, we go about installation of Integration services. Hyper-V Integration Services is a suite of utilities that enhance the performance of the virtual machine‚Äôs guest operating system. Integration services improve management of virtual machines by replacing generic operating system driver files for the mouse, keyboard, video, network and SCSI controller components. […]

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Installing the Hyper-V Role, Configuring Virtual Networks and Creating New Virtual Machine in Windows Server 2012

Hyper-V is a server virtualization technology from Microsoft where we can create multiple virtual machines on single physical computer. These virtual machines are known as guests and computer running Hyper-V is known as the Host. In June 2008, Microsoft introduced Hyper-V in Windows Server 2008 and is gradually developing Hyper-V products. Finally, Microsoft launched new version of Hyper-V in Windows […]

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